About Us

Sarah's Consulting Services LLC (Metamorphosis 101)

Our Mission & Purpose:

We exist to provide spaces (through programs, services, and sessions) that invite creativity, intuitive activation, and energetic ascension to support the collective.  We provide a playground for intuitive healers, energy workers, and other highly gifted individuals to arrive home and support our conscious ascension.  

Our Core Values:

Dedication                                       Fairness                                                  Love


Compassion                                     Flexibility                                              Intuition


Energy                                               Identity                                                   Commitment

Welcome to Sarah’s Consulting Services LLC (SCS) and Metamorphosis 101.  This business contains a series of transformational services from long term coaching to individual transformation sessions, and we are so grateful that you have found us.  

Sarah Michelle Wong holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Master Mindfulness Practitioner, and is currently training for Usui Level I, II & Master Reiki Certification.

Sarah Wong was adopted from birth.  She graduated from UC Irvine in 2013 with a BA in Sociology. After graduation, she worked in non-profit services as a Job Developer and Workforce Manager helping hundreds of veterans transition to gainful employment.  She loved the work, but always felt like she needed a bigger and better job title, to make more money, like she needed to wear somebody else’s shoes to be accepted.   

In 2018, Sarah left her non-profit life to pursue the corporate path.  Three months into this new pathway, her contract was terminated early and her confidence dwindled quickly.  She scrambled to figure out her next move, delivering groceries for a while before landing with another non-profit (that was way out of alignment with her values).   

Throughout this time, Sarah had been going through one existential crisis after another, leaving her completely disconnected from her soul’s purpose.

Up until the last few months of 2019, Sarah knew very little about her biological family. This lack of knowledge left her in a major identity crisis, battling worsening mental and physical health issues.  She was fired for the 2nd time in 3 short years and a week after this unexpected termination, she finally hit her true “rock bottom” alongside her third near death experience.  

This event truly changed Sarah’s life.  Her consciousness became fully activated and ever since, Sarah has dedicated her life to sharing the gifts of intuition, clairsentience, claircognizance and mediumship.  Metamorphosis 101 is what Sarah likes to call her “rainbow vehicle” to sharing compassion.  

Sarah’s Consulting Services LLC would be nothing without support from our clients, mentors, advisors and partners.  Special thanks to ANewAmerica, NorCalPTAC, the SBA, Rob Lally, Alana Winter, Dyana King, Leonard Bean, Aldo Reyes, Ron Barrett, plus each and every one of our clients, supporters, and partners. 

Our services include intuitive oracle and tarot readings, intuitive business coaching, core value alignment coaching,  energetic healing, mindfulness coaching, meditation practices, accountability coaching, and more.

Learn more on the main page and sign up for a consultation or book an intuitive reading with Sarah today!

Welcome to Your Transformation!

Metamorphosis 101 was launched in June 2020 as a response to the unemployment crisis. I have been in your shoes. I know exactly how you feel and want nothing more than to alleviate some of the pressure. I have a huge toolkit of resources that I customize to each client I work with. My heart bleeds to serve those in need! Regardless of your circumstance or background, if you trust in me, I'll dedicate all I have to serving you. This is built with LOVE weaved into the foundation. If you’re in need of an energetic shift, I am here to shine the light in your path!

Listen To Sarah's Story & Learn More About Metamorphosis 101

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