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Powerful Intuitive Readings

Tapping into her gifts of intuition, clairsentience, claircognizance, and mediumship...
Sarah offers a unique and compassionate approach to each and every session ❤️
Receive deep insights and access to spiritual wisdom in your life as you navigate through an ever-changing world

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Sarah's services have helped transform hundreds of lives... you can be next!
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"Sarah has been so helpful in the 1:1 sessions we've had. She has been able to help me identify myself more and helped me come to realize what my worth and values are. I am very thankful that I came across Sarah and now have her working with me, through my journey!"
Chris W.
Software Developer and MMA Fighter
"Before having Sarah as a mentor, I had no idea as to what my core values were. I never took the time to figure out what I value. After a few sessions, I can confidently say it has been an eye opening experience. Core values are extremely important to identify and understand. I am looking forward to see what other values and teachings I will receive by working with Sarah"
Rachel S.
Social Worker currently pursuing MSW
Intuitive Oracle Readings
  • Choose from the following:
  • 30 Minute "Quick" Reads
  • 60 Minute Deep Dive
  • 90+ Minute Transformational Readings
Transformational Coaching Sessions
  • Looking for empowerment support?
  • Core value coaching
  • Mindfulness/practicing presence
  • Guided meditation
Trusted & Guided Wisdom
  • Looking for longer term coaching & accountability?
  • We offer flexible packages for both readings and coaching - designed just for you!
  • Sessions include intuitive readings (oracle and tarot), guided meditation, mindfulness practice, and a variety of coaching services
"Sarah is one of the talented people who takes a person hands forward to the light. Her work will help once you allow yourself to face all of your fears. She owns a warm heart and I would like to give my gratitude to her. She helped me a lot through my journey, through many obstacles. Thank you so much for all you have done for me, a thanks does not suffice"
Sarah N.
Web Developer and Strategist
“Sarah has helped me to shine in my interviews through interview prep, breathing exercises, as well as has helped me revamp my CV, LinkedIn and my approach to job searching and my career avenues. She is a career coach, life coach, and your biggest cheerleader! A great coach, mentor, and friend to me!”
UX Content Strategist
“Sarah helped me land not 1, but 2 jobs in my field! I want to thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I don’t think I’d be here today if we weren’t working together”
Hospitality Manager & Coffee Connoisseur
“I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. From the resume to questions & going through everything with me. I really believe if it wasn’t for your help, I wouldn’t have been hired”
Systems Engineer & 23 year US Army Veteran

Success Stories

David W.  spent the bulk of his career in hospitality.  He worked in-person sales, marketing, and events for various hotels and restaurants.   After facing job loss for the first time last year, David hired the support of Metamorphosis 101 and committed himself to change.  After 8 weeks on the job market, David landed TWO jobs in food and beverge distribution sales, re-branding and re-visioning his career!  Way to go, David!

Busayo is a UX Content Specialist who came to Metamorphosis 101 after interviewing with dozens of companies.  She had a great start to her career working at the likes of Ebay, but facing the pandemic and a congested job market, she found herself unemployed for several months.  After grit, dedication, and commitment to her connections, Busayo landed an incredible position with one of the world’s leading crypto currency companies in her dream position!  Amazing work, Busayo!

Marie G. is a non-profit business expert and artist with many years in service to her community.  She faced a series of layoffs due to COVID and lost her “mojo” in interviews and with new opportunities.  She ended up taking on a position at a production factory, far out alignment with her values and knew it was time to change. Marie completed core value coaching with Metamorphosis 101 and within 4 weeks, landed a development position with a non-profit team that she loves!  Woo hoo! You go, Marie!

Justin S. is a musician and aspiring entrepreneur with years of experience in hospitality and sales.  He came to Metamorphosis 101 after facing a series of lay offs.   After completing core value coaching with Metamorphosis 101, Justin took some time off from his job search, found a part-time gig as a guitar instructor, and started laying the foundation for his business development.  After regaining some confidence, Justin jumped back on the job market to quickly land a sales position with an industry leading event & networking company!  Way to crush it, Justin!

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