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Disrupt Now Podcast 

Excited to announce my new interview on the Disrupt Now Podcast! This podcast is dedicated to helping people accept, embrace, and transform through change with host, Natalie Viglione. Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll hear in my interview with Natalie:

    • Why wanting to live in “other people’s shoes” leaves us feeling empty and causes impact on our mental health and more stress
    • How seeking external validation continues to suck us dry of our power
    • What’s missing in your life is always found WITHIN ourselves 
    • Why humans can’t travel/buy/shop or ignore problems away (this causes MORE problems!)
    • How mainstream media and “health” government organizations force this world into toxic cycles
    • How to connect further with Source/Spirit and your body 
    • How to start moving out of victimhood and into power through manifesting change in your life AND MORE!

 You can find the Disrupt Now Podcast on Spotify, Apple or Google Podcasts & many more platforms!  

Have a Seat Conversations with Debra Coleman

Have A Seat with Debra and Sarah to learn more about the profound impact of transition Sarah experienced in her own life that created a ripple effect that benefits so many today.  Debra and Sarah discuss transformations in the workplace, going “back to normal” after the pandemic, and growth through these seasons of change. Debra and Sarah are also both adoptees and share their camaraderie with this experience.  Have a seat and enjoy this enlightening conversation!  Please go follow Debra and support Have a Seat by leaving a positive review over on her website HERE.

Life on Purpose Podcast with Amy Debrucque

Sarah and Amy sit down and talk about how transformation  can happen when you find your own voice and value without conforming to others.  Amy and Sarah touch on core values, emboldening, and loving yourself first so that you can love the world around you.  This is a must listen for anybody who is in need of a reminder of the value of self-care!  Enjoy and go support Amy by subscribing to the Life on Purpose podcast.

Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast

Today is the day where I am absolutely delighted to be able to share my inspirational story of positive changes with you. I am this week’s guest on the award-winning show, Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast, with the host, Shelley F. Knight.  In this episode, Sarah & Shelley discuss adoption, growing up in a “perfect” childhood, only to realize life is incredibly challenging for all of us!  An episode about resilience, self-empowerment, and rising through the waves of life.

Just Bloom Podcast – Affirmations 

Sarah & Morey of the Just Bloom Podcast have a cozy conversation about the power of affirmations and self-love.  Enjoy this vulnerable conversation about why affirmations are so important for a persons healing and self development journey. They also share some affirmations that you can write down and repeat to yourself!  This is a must listen for anybody who struggles with self-limiting beliefs.

Someone Gets Me – How to Thrive During Change

Whether it is a career shift, building or ending relationships, raising a family, or experiencing a tragedy, changes are part of being human. However, most of the time, these changes are tough to adjust to. Prepared to cope with such changes, some of us find ourselves stuck in a fight or flight’ or ‘fear and freeze; reaction. Whether or not the changing experience was wanted, predicted, or unforeseen, there is no doubt that transitioning to a different set of circumstances is difficult. It takes physical and mental resources to adjust to change and reach a new balance point.
Find out what you need to thrive during periods of great change in my interview with Dianne A, Allen on Someone Gets Me!

Designing the Best You – Embracing Transformation & Change in Our Lives

Sarah & Vennessa from Designing the Best You sit down for a candid conversation about career development, identifying core values, and thriving through transformation.  This is probably the closest “peek” you will get into what a coaching session looks like with Metamorphosis 101!

In this episode of Designing the Best You, Career Advisor Sarah Wong gives us all her tips and tricks for living life (and going through a job search) by embracing change instead of pushing it away.

Tune in to learn:

  • How self-care is important BOTH for yourself and your community.
  • How to find your CORE values (and live life from them).
  • How to use FAILURES to your advantage.
Woman Worriers with Elizabeth Cush, LCPC – How Finding Yourself Can Set You Free

Sarah & Woman Worriers podcast host Elizabeth Cush, LCPC, a licensed professional therapist and founder of Progression Counseling in Annapolis, Md., welcomes Sarah Wong, a career advisor and founder of Metamorphosis101, shares about how therapy for anxiety led her on a transformative journey to connect with her biological family, unlocking a part of herself she never knew existed.  She also talks about how the journey taught her the importance of boundaries and how she uses mindfulness, breathing techniques and daily self-care routines to help manage her anxiety so she can help others transform their lives.

Brave Healer Productions with Laura Di Franco – Mindful Career Development: Meet the Owner of Metamorphosis 101, Sarah Wong!

Sarah & Laura sit down to chat about Mindfulness in Career Development, battling anxiety, and addressing the stigma of mental health.   You won’t want to miss this conversation!

Laura is the author of (most recently) The Wellness Universe Guide to Complete Self-Care: 25 Tools for Happiness is that powerful expert toolkit you’ve been hoping for. You’ll find the authentic stories of our authors to inspire you, and then you’ll be blown away by the level of mastery with which they then teach you a practical tool for happiness. These are techniques for a positive mindset, balanced emotions, a healthy body, better eating habits, better communication skills, and more.

She has also released other books, go check her out at

Dr. D’s Social Network – Adoption is Love 

In this intimate conversation, Sarah and Dr. Darian Parker sit down for a conversation about life, love, and adoption.

Dr. Parker and his wife adopted their 9 year old daughter, forever changing their lives and opening their hearts to the greatest gift one can give to another.  The gift of hope, the gift of life, the gift of chance, the gift of adoption.

I encourage you to listen through this entire conversation to widen perspective around this somewhat “taboo” topic, and learn how incredible adoption can be to both adoptive parents and adoptees.

Make sure to follow Dr. D’s Social Network on your favorite podcast app!  He shares many incredible stories with others like this one.  Let him know you came from Metamorphosis 101.

Tuesdays with Andrea #029 “Ask for Answers” with Sarah Wong, Life Coach, Metamorphosis101

Sarah and Andrea McMillian sit down for a conversation about unlocking identity by pursuing your authentic self.

If you’ve struggled with anxiety, particularly anxiety rooted in identity issues, this podcast dives deep into how Sarah empowered her life by releasing fear around connecting back to her biological family as an adoptee. 

Make sure to follow Tuesdays with Andrea on your favorite podcast app for more incredible stories like this one!  Let Andrea know you came from Metamorphosis 101 and share some love with the work she is doing.

The Teachable SoulSarah Wong: Career Coaching, Anxiety, and DNA

Sarah and Kat Daniels sit down to have a conversation about how anxiety and identity crisis, what seemed to be the greatest limiting factors in her life, inspired Sarah to start Metamorphosis 101 and dedicate her life as a Career & Life Transition Coach.

The Teachable Soul exists to help redefine failures as teachable moments.  So that we can learn from our mistakes, grow from them, and do better.  Kat believes all teachable souls deserve to live a fulfilling and confidence life! 

Make sure to follow The Teachable Soul on your favorite podcast app  for more incredible stories like this one!  Let Kat know you came from Metamorphosis 101 and share some love with the work she is doing.

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