More on Metamorphosis 101’s Podcast Appearances

Disrupt Now Podcast  Excited to announce my new interview on the Disrupt Now Podcast! This podcast is dedicated to helping people accept, embrace, and transform through change with host, Natalie Viglione. Some of the juicy nuggets you’ll hear in my … Read More

Lessons Learned Tokens-Borrowed

Rather than resolutions, I have put together a list of a few lessons learned and takeaways from 2020 that I wanted to share. When it comes to goal setting and resolving to change, I’ve come to learn that we accomplish … Read More

The Story of How I Got Fired

I’ve seen so many posts over the last few days about folks losing jobs…. it is truly heart breaking to see so many face forced transition, and change. I too, lost my job in late January. About a week before … Read More