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Rather than resolutions, I have put together a list of a few lessons learned and takeaways from 2020 that I wanted to share.

When it comes to goal setting and resolving to change, I’ve come to learn that we accomplish so much more when our goals are anchored to purpose.

For example, rather than resolving to lose 15 lbs, ask yourself why you want to lose those 15 lbs, what the purpose really is? Is it for your health? Is it because of societal beauty standards? Do YOU want to lose that weight or do you feel pressured to by somebody else? What difference will that 15 lbs make for you?

Once you determine “why” you can shift the goal towards the more purposeful outcome. If your goal is to get healthier and more active, resolve to walk for 30 minutes everyday. Believe me, the 15 lbs may come along with it, and you’ll create a much more sustainable lifestyle change, rather than a quick fix that can be undone as soon as the behavior swaps back.

From these lessons, goals will begin to manifest, and I hope this inspires you to write down a few lessons and takeaways of your own!

If you wouldn’t mind to share them in the comments, I’d love to hear what you took away from the craziest year of our lives 🤪

⭐Lesson 1: It’s okay to fail

*In fact, failure is a necessary stepping stone in the learning process

💜 Takeaway 1: Accepting failure

*Embracing failure allows for self-acceptance and the ability to mend errors. Failure is simply data we can use to try again.

⭐ Lesson 2: It’s critical, not just okay, to prioritize personal wellness

*It’s okay to set boundaries with relationships and work to focus on your personal wellness. (Particularly if you’re suffering from a mental or physical ailment; are the days of us being told to “push and grind until you die” finally over!?)

💜 Takeaway 2: Self-care is a lifestyle!

*Living during a global pandemic can feel helpless and scary… but what you do have control of is yourself! Your attention, your choices. Establish a routine that helps to keep you in balance ⚖

⭐ Lesson 3: Compassion is a skill

*Feeling for others and understanding perspective and emotion outside of your own is a skill to be learned and proved to be more important than ever last year.

💜 Takeaway 3: Use compassion to your advantage

*Continue to release preconceived notions that compassion or emotionality is “weak” or invaluable. I plan to use compassion as a guiding light for my work this year.

⭐ Lesson 4: Fear is the only thing to be feared

*One of FDR’s most famous claims during another time in human history that we faced the type of fear that we’re living through today… and 2020 taught me that fear truly is the ultimate fear.

💜 Takeaway 4: Lead with trust and gratitude instead

*I never understood “Law of Attraction” and other more spiritual beliefs before 2020. I refused to accept or acknowledge the “other” way to exist. And it led me to the darkest of valleys… 2020 was the year I actively chose trust in the universe and I was finally rewarded with the stability I chased for years.

As an Aries, I love new beginnings. I tend to burn hot and fast but eventually fizzle out of things and I’m learning to master the art of the “slow burn” (critical for any fire sign, particularly Aries)

My goals for this year are to continue to lean into opportunities as they arise, follow my intuition, and accept the pace I need to move at while not comparing myself to others.

In fact, I aim to collaborate more than ever this year! I am extremely grateful to have built upon relationships last year and made many new. I am eager to continue to develop established partnerships both personally and professionally.

We cannot predict what’s to come this year, and I don’t think any of us should. But we can do our best and show up every day!

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